Nommo Spacecraft or Interplanetary Spore for solo guitar (2006)

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Performed by Magnus Andersson

Program Notes

Nommo Spacecraft or Interplanetary Spore is a musical interpretation of phantasmagoric phenomena. The Dogon, a tribe in African, told French anthropologists in the 1920s information regarding astronomy, the existence and some physical properties of a star, that they could not have known scientifically, i.e. they had no telescopes. They also described elliptical orbits of astronomical phenomena, the satellites of Jupiter, and the rings of Saturn. They claim to have received this information from amphibious beings from Sirius, called Nommos. While notable scholars, Carl Sagan included, have explained the seemingly uncanny knowledge of the Dogon without the existence of the Nommo, the story is still patently astonishing. This historical anecdote provided the basis for a piece of music that reflects upon the seemingly magical things we can’t, or can’t yet explain and their impact on our psychology.


The score is available for download.
Please let me know if you have any questions or if you are interested in performing this work.