The Capgras' Patience Wanes for alto saxophone and digital audio (2005)


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Performed by Elizabeth Bunt

Program Notes

The Capgras’ Patience Wanes for alto saxophone and quadraphonic tape was written in 2005 at the University of Arizona’s electronic music studio. The source sounds for the prerecorded material are derived from samples from an alto saxophone and spoken text. The following programs were used to create the piece: Digital Performer, Metasynth, Mach5, and Waves effects. The piece was written for saxophonist Elizabeth Bunt.
The spoken text, printed below, consists of two sentences which describe a mental disorder called Capgras’ Syndrome. Additionally, synonyms for the syndrome are used as text. One who has this disorder loses their normal emotional and physiological responses when they see a person they know. Frequently these people will begin to believe that their loved ones have been replaced by imposers.
“The Capgras’ Patient identifies his or her spouse as being an impostor, identical in every way, but an identical replica. The patient will accept living with these impostors, but will secretly know they are not the people they claim to be.” “Scabrous points of decay along the right side of the brain divorces the recognitive from the emotive. You may recognize the face of your lover, but there is no emotional response.”