The Role of Fruit and Alchemy for harp and digital audio (2006)

Performed by Shuri Okajima

Program Notes

The Role of Fruit and Alchemy in the history of science, particularly Isaac Newton’s pursuits, are dubious. The definite and secure role that fruit has in human endeavors contrasts the elusive and impractical practice of alchemy. As regards Sir Isaac, however, the situation changes: the role that fruit played in the formation of his gravitational theories seems to be as mythological as the role of that same fruit in the fall of man, while the significance of alchemy to his life’s work is very real. The juxtaposition and separation of two elements, inadvertently and unwittingly entangled, may have something to do with this piece of music. The piece was written for and is dedicated to harpist Shuri Okajima.


The score and rehearsal/performance materials are available for download.
Please let me know if you have any questions or if you are interested in performing this work.