Inconspicuous Impulses for piano and digital audio (2006)


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Performed by Kai Schumacher

Program Notes

Inconspicuous Impulses for piano and fixed media was written for Shu Ching Cheng in 2006.  The two main influences on the work are serialism and popular electronic music.   The fixed media part incorporates sounds derived from recordings of a piano, laundry basket, claves, and pieces of wood.  Additionally, various synthesis patches were created using Reason and drum samples were taken directly from that software.   The work was premiered at the Bellingham Electronic Arts Festival in December 2006.  Additional, performances occurred at the 2007 SEAMUS conference, 2008 Spark Feastival, 2008 EAJJ Conference, in Germany and in Taiwan.



The score and rehearsal/performance materials are available for download.
Please let me know if you have any questions or if you are interested in performing this work.