10 to the Power of Negative 33 for clarinet and digital audio/video (2008/10)











Performed by Mauricio Salguero

Program Notes

            I wrote 10-33 in 2008 for clarinetist Mauricio Salguero in response to a commission from the Missouri Music Teacher’s Association and the Music Teacher’s National Association.  The composer and Mauricio Salguero premiered the piece at Washington University at the Missouri Music Teacher’s Association Annual Conference in November 2008.
            The piece abstractly incorporates notions of symmetry outlined by Neon M. Lederman and Christopher T. Hill in their book “Symmetry and the beautiful universe.”  I am more concerned with the perception of symmetrical relationships than the precise application of mathematical symmetry.  Symmetrical relationships are loosely applied to register, proportion, dynamics, the balance of contrasting materials, panning, and the relationships between the instrument and the electronics.    Despite these considerations, the composition of the piece was quite free in terms of materials and overall form.  In 2010 I added a video at Mauricio's request. The video explores similar concepts of symmetry and consists of pictures of plants that I grew and trimmed.


The entire score and all performance/rehearsal materials are available for download.
Please let me know if you have any questions or if you are interested in performing this work.