Fractures of Echoes for 2 soprano saxophones, 2 trumpets, 4 trombones,
2 tubas, 5.1 audio, and video (2013)


conducted by David Colson


Program Notes

This work was written for the 100th Anniversary of Western Michigan University's School of Music. Through this work I created abstract representations of how aspects of the past constitute the present and parts of the present will constitute the future. Sonically, the present time is represented by a wondering, reflective melody that is searching for direction. The harmonic material in the brass ensemble is frequently fractured into segments and presented in the electronic sounds, then the electronic sounds will reform and lead back to the brass. This process represents the constant deconstruction and reconstruction of ideas and practices that characterize a thoughtful, adaptive institution. The visual media consists of pictures from the School of Music archives. I subject the pictures to a similar process of presentation, deconstruction, and reconstruction. Fractures of Echos is designed to be performed in front of Miller Fountain, and video footage of the fountain in the work represents the uncertain present. Miller Fountain turned out to be an excellent backdrop because at the time I completed this work and wrote this program note, both the fountain and plaza were newly slated for renovations, but the renovation plans were not yet certain; therefore, the backdrop for the work will either be the fountain right before it is reconstructed, in the process of being rebuilt, or a new fountain.