Christopher Biggs:
Hartt portforio

A complete works list with links to recordings and scores of most pieces can be found here.
Some works are only available via online streaming services and can be found here.



for flute, accordion, and live electronics written for Collect/Project and premiered in February of 2019.


Surfaces and Essences

for saxophone quartet was written for the Prism Quartet and premiered October of 2018.



for cello, bass, harp, piano, and computer was written for Ensemble Dal Niente and premiered in the fall of 2016.


excerpts from improvisations

These are three excerpts from three pieces, written by students in the Advanced Jazz Ensemble at Western Michigan University. I improvised and performed precomposed live electronics. I also mixed and mastered the recordings.

  1. Eleanor by Ben Schmidt-Swartz

  2. Obsidian Galaxy by Eddie Codrington

  3. Baby’s Lullyby by MJ Epperson