Works List

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will all fall in for vibraphone, auxiliary percussion, and electronics (2019)
Written for Scott Deal (link forthcoming)

Imprints in time for saxophone, thunder tube, and electronics (2019)
Written for Noa Even, Zach Shemon, Henning Schröder, Justin Massey, and Drew Whiting (link forthcoming)

Tar for flute, accordion, and computer (2019)
Written for Collect/Project

Montress for Piano, Seaboard Block, and Computer (2019)
Written for Keith Kirchoff and Lori Sims (link forthcoming)

Surfaces and Essences for saxophone quartet (2017)
Written for the Prism Saxophone Quartet

Entanglement for oboe and computer (2017)
Written for Nora Lewis

Decade Zero for brass quintet and computer (2016)
Written for the Western Brass Quintet

Displaced for cello, bass, harp, piano, and computer (2016)
written for Ensemble Dal Niente

A Letter to the Moon for trumpet, prepared piano, percussion, and computer (2016)
written for SPLICE Ensemble

Extinction for wind ensemble and computer (2015)
written for the Western Michigan University Wind Symphony

Contraposition for piano and computer (2015)
written for Kari Johnson

Decoherence for trumpet and computer (2014)
commissioned by a consortium led by Samuel Wells

Incommensurable for clarinet, horn, and computer (2013)
written for Brad Wong and Lin Foulk

Fractures of Echoes for 2 soprano saxophones, 2 trumpets, 4 trombones, 2 tuba, 5.1 audio, and video (2013)
written for the 100th Anniversary of the Western Michigan University School of Music

Biodiversity for flute, cello, piano, two percussion, and two computers (2013)
written for Birds on a Wire

Recombinant Serenade for horn and computer (2013)
written for Lin Foulk

Greed for violin and audiovisual media (2012)
written for Abderrahmán Anzaldúa

Amass for clarinet and computer (2012)
written for Mauricio Salguero

The BFG for toy piano and computer (2012)
written for Keith Kirchoff

Red Premises, multimedia installation (2012)
created in collaboration with Eric Souther

Susurrus for digital audio (2012)

Jinsha for digital audio (2012)
created for dance project with David Curwen and Kevin Abbott

Externalities for cello and audiovisual media (2011)

Object Metamorphosis II for wind ensemble and digital audio (2010)
written for the Truman University Wind Ensemble

The Ends of Histories for piano and computer (2010)
written for Kari Johnson

Mindreaders for flute, clarinet, and computer (2010)
written for Sophia Tegart and Gabrielle Bafoni

Bioluminescence for flute, clarinet, piano, and audiovisual media (2010)
written for Quadrivium

Ten to the Power of Negative 33 for clarinet and computer (2010)
written for Missouri Music Teacher's Association

Object Metamorphosis for wind ensemble and digital audio (2010)
written for University of Missouri-Kansas City Wind Symphony

Patriot Missile for two pianos and digital audio (2009)
written for the Pangea Piano Project

S**p Crackle *O* for audiovisual media (2009)

Promethea for alto saxophone and digital audio (2009)
written for Elizabeth Bunt

MHCHAOS for flute and computer (2008)
written for Rebecca Ashe

New Years for digital audio (2008)

Radiation for live electronics (2007)

Exterminate all the Brutes for alto saxophone and digital audio (2006)
written for Elizabeth Blunt

Inconspicuous Impulses for piano and digital audio (2006)
written for Shu Chen Ching

The Role of Fruit and Alchemy for harp and digital audio (2006)
written for Shuri Okajima

Special Anxieties for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, and percussion (2006)

Nommo Spacecraft of Interplanetary Spore for guitar (2006)

Ping-Pong Variations for piano (2003-6)

The Capgras' Patience Wanes for alto saxophone and fixed media(2005)