for piano computer


Biodiversity was created with the generous support of the “A & D Issa Music and Dance Faculty Award.” The work abstractly reflects on biodiversity and human interactions with the environment that support or threaten biodiversity.  


The focus of the work progresses non-linearly; however, as the work evolves it tends to move from representing negative human behaviors and a lack of diversity to depicting positive human behaviors and a wealth of diversity.  The work is organized in three movements, each of which culminates in a section that represents one type of biodiversity.  The digital audio consists of both live processing of the instrumental sounds and sound file triggering.  The digital audio represents the environment in which the human instrumentalists exist, and it either depicts environmental reactions (consequences) of human action or provides a layer of sound that reinforces the extra-musical content of the section.     The digital video operates similarly; it both reinforces extra-musical content and interacts with the performers.   As the work progresses the video work is increasingly created by other artists or in collaboration with other artists, in order to reflect increased diversity.