for toy piano and computer

ABOUT: Availabe on Electro-AcoustIC Piano, Vol 2

When I first watched Keith Kirchoff play a toy piano, two things immediately struck me: First, he appeared to be a giant, no matter how hard I tried to tell my mind that the piano was smaller than normal and Keith was the same size, my mind would not make the adjustment.  Secondly, I sensed a contrast between the repertoire I have seen Keith play on a grand piano, along with the command and (often violent) dynamicism with which he plays, and the medium of the toy piano.  These two impressions reminded me of the children’s book The Big Friendly Giant by Roald Dahl, both in that Keith appeared to be a giant and that, rather than being violent, the giant was childish and fatherly.   

Also, this book reminds me of my first impressions of Keith. Keith’s musical talent, knowledge, professionalism, and dedication are profound (giant) and this can be a bit intimidating.  But immediately after getting to know him, his underlying personality is playful and friendly.  This reminded me of the main character’s initial interactions with the giant in the book.  

I did not try to represent specific aspects of the book (I reread it and my hazy memories of it were much more interesting to me); rather, I attempted to represent my impressions of the book, of Keith’s playing, and of Keith as a person.  The BFG was written in 2010 for, and is dedicated to, pianist Keith Kirchoff.